filipino silog favorites

SILOG, Ofcourse! The pinoy heavy breakfast that we all love. This combination of ulam, kanin (rice), and itlog (egg) is where pinoy made its name to silog.

(the following images and definitions came from:

  • Tapsilog -the pair up of tapa (marinated pork or beef), egg, and rice is a favorite morning meal offerings because of its pungent taste.
  • Hotsilog -Almost like a “National Packed Lunch” for Filipino students, hotdog pair with rice and egg remains not only as the go-to food for children, but also for adults who do not want the food serve on the dining table.
  • Hamsilog -it is normally the sweet ham that completes the hamsilog combo.
  • Cornsilog -Oftentimes mix with either chopped potatoes or shredded onion, corned beef remains flexible as it can deliciously be enjoyed.
  • Longsilog -handmade longganisa is produced by individually filling the edible wrap with spiced ground meat and then tying both ends with a thread.
  • Tocilog -The sweet flavor of tocino—made with either pork or chicken—provides a balancing taste to the innate saltiness of both the egg and fried rice.
  • Chicksilog -This silog combo may initially come off as eccentric since the fried chicken can already stand well on its own.
  • Bangsilog -While other types of fish (e.g. tuyo, danggit, and dolphin fish) are also partnering with silog.

That’s it for our local pinoy breakfast favorite! Have you tried any of this?

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