Beef Menu

This is the Beef Menu of Leonora’s Catering. There are lots of dishes you can choose from!

There is only one right way to eat a steak – with greed in your heart and a smile on your face.

Soumeet Lanka

Here are 6 Interesting Facts About Beef and Cattle


  • The United States and Brazil are the top beef producing countries in the world
  • The average cow has more than 40,000 jaw movements per day
  • The salivary glands of cattle, located beneath the tongue, produce 50-75 liters of saliva per day!
  • Hamburger meat from 1 cow would equal 720 quarter-pound (100g) hamburgers, enough for a family of 4 to enjoy hamburgers each day for nearly 6 months!
  • Uruguay, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, and Brazil are the only countries with more cows than people
  • One cowhide can produce enough leather to make 18 soccer balls.

Your favorite food is not on our menu? It is not a problem! We can make it for you for your special occasion! You have food allergies? Or having a guest that has a food allergy? You can tell us and we will make a portion of special food for them!

We cater to special occasions here in Nueva Ecija! You can message us for more details.

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