Special Offers (Lechon and others)

We offer special offers too! Like Lechon, Duck, and Goat.

Lechón is actually a Spanish word which means roasted suckling pig. It is a pork dish and is a national dish of the Philippines. This dish is extremely popular in various countries like the Dominican Republic, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Spain.

Cebu is a source of the best quality Lechon in the entire world. Lechón’s preparation takes nearly 8 hours. Lechón has a unique preparation process. The suckling pig is first killed and then its belly is slit lengthwise from hind legs to front legs. Ears, tail, and feet are all left intact.

Lechon pieces

Our Packages includes:

  • Food Catering – ranges from PHP250 – PHP400 it depends on the menu that you like. Yes! YOU can customize it.
    Here’s our MENU, we have a wide variety of food chicken cordon bleu, lumpia, chop suey and many more!
  • Event Styling – we can style it on however you want, for instance.
  • Chairs and Tables – includes the cover (your color of choice)

In addition, we also have Special Offers like Lechon or if you have food you have in mind, we can make it for you. Like goat or duck.

Leonora’s Catering caters to special occasions in Nueva Ecija. Contact us for inquiries and for the availability of our services depending on the date.

You can Book Us HERE, or you can contact us through phone +639109233167

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